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“Any comment on the Queen of Blades?” A StarCraft Drabble

Drabble Description: Still under the Dominion’s watch list however under Valerian Mengsk’s protection Dr. Jake Ramsey able to promote his novel, Alien Enigma, in a live vidsys interview for UNN with Donny Vermillion and Kate Lockwell.

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  • Although its going to take me a long while before I start thinking of tackling a Dune review that'll do it justice like Book of the New Sun. 3 years ago
  • all adds up to a very gratifying and substantial reading experience as a standalone title. I'm curious how the follow-ups will fare for me. 3 years ago
  • This world Frank Herbert put together - characters, dialogue, attention to detail in various matters, seamless shifting between POVs etc. - 3 years ago
  • fully grasp together (time, reflection and more reading will fix that issue one day) but nothing major which derailed my overall enjoyment. 3 years ago
  • Not a perfect 10/10 book by all means, it did have its share of rough transitions and moments here-and-there that went over my head to... 3 years ago




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